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First, Alex and Ricky find the top quilt teachers. Then they use TV producers who have worked with Oprah and create a quilt show with learning, inspiration & fun. Go now and see what everyone is talking about. You will see the techniques & tools you need now. 

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Our viewers have uploaded quilts of all styles, techniques, and sizes and you can search through for inspiration. Want to get closer? Try our "Zoom Quilts". You can get so close you see the stitches. Type "Log Cabin" into our search box and see what happens. FUN!

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We find amazing quilts from quilt shows and artists from around the world. We bring you quilt news, special tutorials, and even our famous quilt puzzles. Need to ask questions or talk with others? Try our forum. You may make a lifetime friend.


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Don't waste time surfing for the best teachers. Alex & Ricky have found them and bring you the top teachers. See their quilts. Learn their techniques. Learn a little about their lives. These are true TV shows for those that love quilting.

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Every year a famous quilter creates a  Block of the Month quilt that is exclusive for Quilt Show Star Members for that calendar year. These patterns are valued at $49-$99. That pays for your membership alone! These quilts are great for learning, connecting with others and you have an heirloom when you're done.

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Our online quilt shop sells only tested products that we love. As a Star member, you get special discounts and sales throughout the year. In fact, you get a full 25% your first order from the Shop that frequently pays for your 1 yr subscription. 

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Award-winning quilter and musician, Ricky Tims is joined by Alex Anderson the host of "Simply Quilts" on HGTV for 10 years. Together they search the world for the top quilting teachers and bring them to your home. started in 2007 and was one of the first websites to produce new, TV quality content for the internet and quilters the world over.